January 26, 2013

Birthday Bits

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!

It was awesome, I got some sweet presents like a Coffee Percolator:

and a some bike bits
and some ear warmers and matching gloves
and a new hat
and this awesome computer I use to write this blog.

But the best bit was that I had the day off work!

My brewer half took me out to lunch at The Potted Pig - a restaurant I had been wanting to try for ages!  I will write a full review later but for now, 2 pictures:

Tasty mess of a burger.  Sadly my iphone's autofocus doesn't seem to work anymore.  But still, pink and squishy and delicious.

After lunch we went for a little walk in Cardiff Castle.  Here is what I would look like if I was on the evil side of the Revolutionary War:

And here is what I would look like if I got caught stealing a loaf of bread!

Speaking of Stealing a Loaf of bread - the brewer half took me to see Les Mis yesterday   It was awesome.  He may have been the only straight male in the theatre.  

It was an ace birthday!


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